About Us

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Hey! I'm Lindsay, I started Lot801 in 2014 at my kitchen table in Salt Lake City, Utah. I'll never forget going out to eat with my husband Pete for the first time with our new baby, Allie. It was right around feeding time and she started fussing. I turned to my husband and asked, "can I feed her here, in a restaurant?". I was a new mom, and just wasn't sure. We sat at our booth and I fed her anyway. Looking back now, I can't believe how absurd that question was.

After having my second baby, Koda, I was out at a wedding. He got hungry so I sat down at our table in the corner of the room and fed him. A woman walked over to me and said, "do you really think you should be feeding him here? Maybe you should go to the bathroom dear". As much as I wanted to tell this woman off, I just chuckled and continued nursing. It was THIS night that I got the idea for The Baby Blanket.

There needed to be a product out there to empower breastfeeding mothers, to stand up for new moms. And what better way to do that than with BOOBS, of all different shapes and sizes? 


Our Mission

Too many women hide in bathroom stalls, parked cars and dressing rooms to feed their babies... because they are afraid of the comments they'll get from strangers. 

Our mission is to help put a stop to that. To empower mothers everywhere to feed their baby when and where they're hungry, with or without a cover... however YOU feel most comfortable.

We hope that no other mother EVER has to ask, "can I feed my baby here?" ever again.

This is what The Baby Blanket is all about. We created this product for all the breastfeeding mothers out there. To give them the courage they might need, and to serve as a reminder that it's OKAY to feed your babe wherever you need to :)

Empowering mothers everywhere. #dropthecover